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Receipt of Gifts and benefits by Employees of the Department

In accordance with Public Service Commission (PSC) Directive 22/09 Gifts and Benefits, the Department is required to record all gifts and benefits received by employees in excess of $150, and to publish this information under the Right to Information regime within 10 calendar days of the end of each quarter. Information on gifts received by school employees is only available annually and will be included in the register for the June Quarter.

The department's policy FNM-PR-022: Receipt of Gifts and benefits by Employees outlines the issues and risks associated with an employee accepting a gift or benefit that affects or is likely to affect the performance of their official duties.

The policy also describes the steps that should be followed when any gift or benefit, including hospitality, with a fair market value of more than $150 is offered or received.

Register for June 2014 quarter Microsoft® Word document203K

Register for March 2014 quarter Microsoft® Word document205K

Register for December 2013 quarter Microsoft® Word document210K

Register for September 2013 quarter Microsoft® Word document217K

Register for June 2013 quarter Microsoft® Word document202K

Register for March 2013 quarter Microsoft® Word document 44K

Register for December 2012 quarter Microsoft® Word document141K

Register for September 2012 quarter Microsoft® Word document145K

Register for June 2012 quarter Microsoft® Word document181K

Register for March, 2012 quarter Microsoft® Word document149K

Register for December, 2011 quarter Microsoft® Word document144K

Register for September, 2011 quarter Microsoft® Word document144K

Register for June, 2011 quarter Microsoft® Word document160K

Register for March, 2011 quarter Microsoft® Word document135K

Register for December, 2010 quarter Microsoft® Word document163K

Register for September, 2010 quarter Microsoft® Word document153K

Register for June, 2010 quarter Microsoft® Word document158K

Register for March, 2010 quarter Microsoft® Word document143K

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