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Disclosure log - 2010

Our disclosure log contains information about applications made under the Right to Information Act (RTI Act) to the department.

Some documents may have details removed, or pages that are blank, because the information is either irrelevant or exempt under the RTI Act.

There may be documents that are currently only available in.pdf format. Should you be unable to read this format please email (include information for contact by phone, email or in writing). We will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests for an alternate hardcopy format of the document, free of charge.

Disclosure numberDate of decisionTopic / Information released
340/5/183620 January 2010

Information relating to leasing of car parking in Festival Towers or use of car parks in Festival Towers between 1 December 2008 until 24 November 2009

Attached Information Adobe PDF document4.7M

340/5/186628 January 2010

In relation to the enrolment of students at Brisbane State High School:

  • The number of places for grade 8 students in the subject Digital Art and Design (DAD) in 2010
  • The number of grade 8 students enrolled in the subject DAD as of 11/11/09 for 2010
  • The number of grade 8 students enrolled in the subject DAD as of 30/11/09 for 2010
  • The number of grade 8 students on the wait list for enrolment in the subject DAD as of 21/01/2010 for 2010
  • The number of paying foreign students enrolled in grade 8 for 2010
  • The number of scholarship students from outside the Brisbane State High School local catchment area enrolled in grade 8 for 2010 and
  • The number of paying foreign students and scholarship students from outside the Brisbane State High School local catchment area enrolled in the subject DAD for grade 8 2010

File A Adobe PDF document 66K

340/5/185518 February 2010

Ministerial Charter of Goals

Part 1 Adobe PDF document3.0M
Part 2 Adobe PDF document2.6M

340/5/18408 March 2010

Information relating to autism diagnosis in Queensland state schools

340/5/18655 March 2010

Staff suspended on full pay 2008-2010

Attached Information Adobe PDF document 98K

340/5/18758 April 2010

Settlements reached in relation to personal injury claims made by students injured in accidents involving glass doors and windows in State Schools

File A Adobe PDF document 30K

Documentation pertaining to a project plan for a safety glass program, a memorandum providing instructions on the last stage of a Safety Glass/Film trial 2006/07, and a report detailing the results of that trial

File B Adobe PDF document3.5M

340/5/191413 May 2010

Car log book entries for the period 01/02/2010 to 23/03/2010 for vehicle with registration number 892QGC and 01/02/2010 to 16/03/2010 for vehicle with registration number QGCK90, both belonging to the Department of Education and Training.

File A Adobe PDF document1.0M

340/5/196619 July 2010

Any documents showing compensation to students for injuries resulting from playground punch ups, sporting events or falls and slips on school grounds

File A Adobe PDF document 23K

340/5/194521 July 2010

Monthly reports prepared by the Department for submission to the Australian Government, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Building the Education Revolution (BER) Program between 1 January 2009 and 31 March 2010.

File A Adobe PDF document5.0M

340/5/20255 August 2010

Information relating to school revenues, including voluntary contributions by parents, fees that may be charged by schools, and textbook and resource schemes run by schools.

School financial data is collected once a year for the period 1 June to 31 May. The Department does not currently collect "calendar year" information. The data provided in the attached includes collections from parents for:

  • Other Contributions, Extra Curricular Activities, and School Trading income- This includes camps, performances, excursions, book club collections etc as well as other school trading activities including facilities hire.
  • Textbook and resource scheme collections. This scheme is run by most high schools and provides all textbooks and materials needed for core curriculum. Many schemes include charges for materials (cooking ingredients, woodwork materials and the like, where students keep the finished product). The department does not separate these charges from the Textbook Scheme collections. Parents of secondary school students are provided a grant to offset the cost of textbooks. If a parent does not wish to participate in the Textbook Scheme the grant is paid to parents to offset the cost of textbooks. The grant in 2010 was $102 for Year 8 through Year 10 and $225 for Years 11 and 12. The Textbook and Resource Scheme is approved by the P and C at the individual school.
  • Voluntary contributions are sometimes requested from parents to assist the school in covering costs for items such as workbooks, tissues and pencils. The school provides such consumables in bulk, providing savings to parents. Any voluntary contributions are approved by the P and C at the individual school.

NOTE: Data under these categories is based on school recordings against particular cost centres and there may be some data quality issues associated with this information across more than 1200 sites. There are also gaps in the data in some cases which cannot be adjusted due to constraints in the financial system used by the Schools."

File A Adobe PDF document1.4M

340/5/19739 August 2010

Building the Education Revolution program, computer-generated data detailing the amount of fees paid to managing contractors, to date, and, separately, the amount of federal funding received by the department to administer this program.

Attachment 1 Adobe PDF document 57K

340/5/203031 August 2010

Documents and information relating to arrangements between Oaks Festival Towers and the Department for parking of vehicles at the premises of Oaks Festival Towers.

File A Adobe PDF document1.7M
File B Adobe PDF document7.3M
File C Adobe PDF document536K

340/5/204513 September 2010

Any reports from Skills Tech Australia to the Department regarding student commencement, student completion and student financial reporting between 1 January 2010 and 26 July 2010.

File A Adobe PDF document3.5M

340/5/204427 October 2010

Documents created between 1 January 2010 and 30 July 2010 which have been sent to, or from, the Office of the Minister for Education and Training concerning the proposal to move year 7 to secondary school.

File A Adobe PDF document8.4M

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