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Documents held by the Department of Education, Training and Employment

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Due to the size and complexity of the department, a large number of documents are held at various locations. These documents include:

School records contain administrative and educational information relating to the school and students. These records are held by the school and include:

Parents have access rights to records about their children. These rights are explained in the Department Policy and Procedures Register (PPR), which is available at all district offices and schools or via the internet at the Policy and procedures register External Link.

Early Childhood Education and Care is a newly established area bringing together responsibility for early education and child care services in one agency. It is aligned with the department and shares the department's corporate files.

TAFE records contain educational, training and administrative information relating to the TAFE and students. These records are held at specific TAFEs and are stored as paper based and electronic documents. The file subjects are based around key departmental functions and activities.

Central Office, regional and district offices records are stored in paper-based or electronic files created for specific subjects based on functions, located at various locations depending on the nature of the file and its access requirements.

Corporate files are organised around key departmental functions and activities including:

Personnel records are maintained for all departmental employees. These records exist in electronic and paper form and contain information relating to an individual's work history including appointments, performance, leave, salary arrangements, grievances and appeals, and movements (transfers, secondments, relocations).

Accounts records are primarily maintained by Financial Services Branch. These documents relate to:

Vocational Education and Training Services generates a large number of documents that are not produced or published specifically for distribution to the public.

Each statutory body within the portfolio of the Minister for Education, Training and Employment is responsible for storing and maintaining its own records. Please refer to individual RTI sites for specific statutory bodies from 1 July 2009.

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How do I access information?

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